Friday, May 15, 2015

"Macbeth" - William Shakespeare

This is about the third time I've read Macbeth so there weren't many surprises this time around, though I had forgotten how creepy it was. Some of the imagery in here is genuinely eerie. Macbeth would be a good thing to read around Halloween. 

The biggest thing I noticed this time around was the similarities between the story of Macbeth and the TV show Breaking Bad. The main character of each begins as a good person, but as the story goes on, they become more and more depraved to the point of no return. The idea of masculinity is prevalent in both stories and both Macbeth and Walter White are spurred on to commit their crimes by their fear of being unmanly. There are many things in Walter Whites' life that make him feel inadequate, but Macbeth seems to have only one major thorn in his side: his wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth, in sharp contrast to Walter White's wife Skyler by the way, constantly nags him and questions his manliness to the point where he has to do the terrible things she suggests to save his pride. Macbeth, who apparently loved his wife at the beginning of the play, gradually loses the love he has for her to the point where he appears apathetic when he hears news of her death. Murder, and the strong primal instinct that rises against the idea of murder, as well as the ideas of justice and consequences also play prominent roles in both stories. I wonder if there was an influence there, even if an unconscious one.

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