Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Just a quick update: I think I'm going to stop recording my thoughts on the books I read each month. I might start it back up again in the future, but lately I haven't been feeling the desire to record my thoughts on every book I read. I'll continue to record my thoughts on the Great Books and thus keep this blog alive, but I'm going to throttle back on blogging.

Speaking of the Great Books, yes I am still reading them, but definitely at my own pace. I'm slowly making my way through the Annals of Tacitus right now. It isn't the most readable book in my opinion, but I'll get it done eventually.

Also, I have closed my second blog "Waiting for the King". The reason being that I am now writing for lordofthelasersword.com and I have transitioned the posts I have already written and will continue to write about King Arthur in the media there.